Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Moment2u.com is a premium Online Business Directory, with the purpose of serving as a perfect platform for sellers and buyers on the online market. Emphasizing on the ASEAN market, with global market as a complementary focus, Moment2u.com aims to provide the best and most user-friendly online trading experience for its clients. We do not limit ourselves in terms of products and industries being served, and we always put excellent customer service as the source and priority of our business. With a strong team supporting the system, we are confident that we will become one of the prominent Online Business Directories in ASEAN. Please visit http://www.moment2u.com

eMoment Sdn Bhd
eMoment Sdn Bhd was established on 28 November 2006 as a subsidiary company under the Moment Group umbrella. Originally starting out as a small group with a few staff, our company has since grown and expanded. Today, we are operating with a sizable team comprising of professionals in the business line. eMoment Sdn Bhd’s main activities consist of providing designing for commercial websites, maintaining of a premium online business directory and providing commercial printing services.

Moment Group
Incorporated in Malaysia in 1991, Moment Group originally started off by marketing a single product; the Moment Mechanical Splicing System utilized by the construction industry. Since then, it has gone on to establish overseas branches, innovated more products in the field and became a major supplier to its various partners.

Realizing the importance of IT and the crucial role the internet plays in the market nowadays, Moment Group decided to expand themselves once again, this time by venturing into the IT field. Hence, the birth of eMoment Sdn Bhd.

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